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How to apply for Medicare

Applying for Medicare is most of the time a pretty easy process. You can go to your local social security office and wait in line to speak with a representative and they will walk you through getting your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Your Medicare Part A will most of the time be free if you have enough qualifying credits or can get them through a spouse if you didn't work. Your Medicare Part B will most likely cost you $148.50 unless you qualify for special programs that could take care of that cost for you (feel free to contact us for questions on that). You may also incur a penalty on your Medicare Part B if your income is over a certain amount. If you wait and delay your Medicare Part B enrollment without any creditable coverage from a insurance plan through your work or something similar you may incur a late enrollment penalty. Now that Covid has closed down several social security offices the easiest way to apply is online through the social security website.

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karl kuptz
karl kuptz
23 Şub 2021

Do I qualify for Medicaid?

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